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 MAKOplasty® International Destination & Training Center of Excellence
Frederick F. Buechel, Jr., M.D. | MAKOplasty® International Destination Center | 239-659-5633 (KNEE) Physicians Regional Medical Center, 6101 Pine Ridge Road, Second Floor, Naples, FL 34119 2014 © by Robotic Joint Replacement Center
Frederick F. Buechel, Jr., M.D. Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon  MAKOplasty® Robotic Knee Resurfacing & Total Knee Replacement Specialist (239) 659-5633 (KNEE)
International MAKOplasty Destination Center  International patients with painful osteoarthritis of the knee come to Naples, Florida to see Dr. Buechel, Jr. MD and have their Outpatient Minimally Invasive “MAKOplasty” Robotic Arm Assisted Knee Resurfacing Procedure.  Our Destination Center has treated patients from around the world with knee pain related to post-traumatic arthritis, osteoarthritis and isolated osteo-necrosis of the femur. Dr. Buechel’s Experience Dr. Buechel is the countries most experienced Outpatient Robotic Arm Assisted Knee Resurfacing Specialist and has performed over 470 procedures on patients with medial, lateral and patella-femoral osteoarthritis. Since starting the Makoplasty program in Southwest Florida in 2009 at Physicians Regional Medical Center, Dr. Buechel, Jr. MD has refined the procedure and the process from start to finish.  Now, patients have their procedure and leave the hospital the same day, unless they require overnight observation in the hospital due to medical conditions.  Procedure Goals, Process and Expectations The Goal of Dr. Buechel’s robotically precise, anatomically restoring, and minimally invasive knee resurfacing procedure is to reduce each patient’s arthritic knee pain and restore their function and quality of life.  Using the Mako Surgical Corp. RIO system, Dr. Buechel expertly plans each knee resurfacing and performs his 2-3 inch muscle sparing, tourniquet free approach, ensuring a precision custom knee implant installation for each patient, with a quicker recovery and better motion when compared to traditional partial knee replacement and total knee replacement. Most patients are walking without assistive devices and are off oral prescription pain medication in the first 1-2 weeks. Knee motion returns to preoperative levels in 3 weeks, and by 6 weeks, most have increased their motion by 5-10 degrees. Dr. Buechel’s patients are able to return to activities of daily living and participate in most low impact activities in just a few weeks.  Improvement continues for months and patients are encouraged to return to a regular low impact exercise program after initial wound healing is complete and swelling has resolved. International Consultations International Candidates can send Dr. Buechel, Jr. their information for review.  If a patient is considered a candidate based on Dr. Buechel’s information & x-ray review, they are contacted by our staff and instructed on the next steps.  The next step would be for the patient (and family) to travel to Naples, have an appointment with the doctor to confirmation the Makoplasty Procedure would be appropriate for the patient and have the procedure performed at the Robotic Joint Replacement Center that week. Dr. Buechel requests the following Information be sent to for his review: History: 1. Medical History that includes your current height & weight, current medication list, surgical history, family history, alcohol history, smoking history, any history of blot clots or bleeding conditions,  any history of infections, your pain level estimate (rated 1-10, with 10 being the worst pain), and current walking distance and activity level X-ray views: Completed within the last 3 months on CD, DVD,  stick drive or regular xr-ay film. 1. Standing AP view of both knees   2. PA Flexion views of both knees 3. Lateral view 4. Sunrise view Information can be sent to: Frederick Buechel, Jr. MD Robotic Joint Replacement Center Physicians Regional Medical Center 6101 Pine Ridge Road, 2nd Floor Suite Naples, Florida  34119 Please include self-addressed stamped envelopes for any materials you wish to have returned to you with instructions for our staff, after your information has been reviewed by Dr. Buechel. Concierge Plan International & private pay patients have access to our Concierge Plan for their short stay in Naples during the procedure.  A variety of housing choices are available for patients traveling for their procedure.  Local rental homes, condominiums, and hotel options are available for patients and their families during their stay in Naples.  Private limousine transportation services are available and can be arranged to and from airports, lodging, restaurants and attractions for patients and family. Airport Access International Airports include Southwest International Airport in Fort Myers (RSW) less than 30 minutes from Dr. Buechel’s Center and Miami International (MIA) Airport which is approximately 2 hours away. Our local Naples Municipal Airport is 8 miles from the Center for private jets and planes. We look forward to exceeding your expectations!