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Total Knee Replacement For patients with more involved knee arthritis that do not meet the criteria for partial knee resurfacing which would include having large fixed angular deformities, inflammatory arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, or have generalized global knee pain not just in one compartment, Total Knee replacement may be the best option.  People that lose the smooth cushiony articular cartilage on the ends of their knee bones from wear and tear, injury, genetics, inflammatory diseases, or osteonecrosis can end up with knee pain, swelling, loss of motion, deformity, and a reduction in activity. Pain commonly occurs with weight bearing activity including walking, stair climbing, getting in an out of cars, sitting or standing, playing golf or tennis, or even rolling over in bed. When people are no longer responsive to oral NSAIDS or have failed to get relief from weight loss, exercise, or intra-articular steroid or hyaluronic acid injections, or have failed partial knee replacement, total knee replacement may be a solution. Patients get X-rays with 4 views of the knee to look for joint space loss or bone spur formation in multiple compartments from osteoarthritis, osteo-necrosis, inflammatory arthritis, post traumatic arthritis or prior menisectomy from a tear. For Total Knee requiring patients, Dr. Buechel Jr.  continues to use the worlds leading mobile bearing total knee replacement system the “LCS” Low Contact Stress Mobile Bearing Knee System that now has over 30 years of clinical use showing over 98% survivorship at 20 years published, and was developed by Dr. Buechel Sr. MD. The main surgeon controlled variable in the proper function and longevity of total knee replacement is proper installation alignment and ligament balancing.  The surgeon can improve on the longevity and “feel” of the implant by performing proper intra-operative steps and checks to ensure the initial implant position & alignment as well as ligament balance in flexion and extension is optimal. Biologic causes for short and medium term failure still are possible but occur in less than 2% of patients and include; infection, implant loosening, arthro-fibrosis, osteolysis, ligament inflammation, chronic tendonitis, chronic pain syndromes, and aquired or congenital ligamentous laxity conditions. Patients can return to work and low impact activity in 4-8 weeks but full recovery for a total knee replacement takes 12-18 months. Final knee range of motion is most predictive by a patient’s preoperative range of motion and takes 3-6 months for most patients to return to these preop levels. Patients can return to most activities with a total knee replacement but jogging or running as a sport is not recommended.
Frederick F. Buechel, Jr., M.D. | MAKOplasty® International Destination Center | 239-659-5633 (KNEE) Physicians Regional Medical Center, 6101 Pine Ridge Road, Second Floor, Naples, FL 34119 2014 © by Robotic Joint Replacement Center
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LCS Mobile Bearing Knee >98 % Success Rate at 20+ Years
Front and Side Views of a Total Knee Replacement